What Our Clients are Saying

“Longpoint consultants have proven to be amazingly skillful at enhancing my organization’s capacity to engage in a planning process characterized by collaboration, creativity, strategic thinking and results.”

Maureen Smith
Labouré College

“Longpoint’s consultants were invaluable partners to the College of Communication at Boston University as we developed and executed a strategic plan that has served the College well. In fact, that plan, and the process that led to it, became the model that other colleges and schools in the University were encouraged to follow when preparing their own.”

Tom Fiedler
Dean, College of Communication
Boston University

“Longpoint has been a great choice for us. Their keen sense of scoping a project and approach to implementation are thoughtful, highly personalized, and very efficient. Their team brings a skill set that is spot-on.”

Laura Paul
Chief Operating Officer
New England Foundation for the Arts

“Longpoint epitomizes the best of what you seek in a consulting partner: superb listening skills, a thorough accurate assessment of the work to be accomplished, effective management of expectations and realistic achievable results.”

Cheryl F. Whitfield, SPHR
Assistant Vice President
Talent Management & Organizational Development
Northeastern University

“Longpoint encourages you to think differently, work hard, set goals and is always moving you to be the best you can be and deliver the product or service to which you aspire.”

Maggie Moran,
Founder and President
KidsTerrain, Inc.

“I have been very impressed by Longpoint’s work. Mark and Judith are experienced professionals. They understand that they first need to listen to their client – to understand the client’s situation and what the client needs and wants – and they do this very well. They are also very responsive: working with the client they develop a plan and follow through on it (and sometimes do even more than required). Mark and Judith practice the simple (and increasingly rare) art of doing what they say they will do, when and in the manner they say they will do it. And they do all this at a reasonable price. I couldn’t be more pleased and would welcome the opportunity to work with them again.”

Todd L.C. Klipp
Senior Vice President and General Counsel
Boston University

“We have engaged Longpoint Consulting on a number of different projects over the past several years. These included a comprehensive 360′ Assessment process for our management team, complex and extensive surveys of multiple areas regarding service-delivery and several successful coaching programs. Their masterful style and ability to connect with our stakeholders and “customers” has been extremely effective and beneficial. Longpoint’s keen sense of the higher-education field and culture was instrumental in the success of these initiatives.”

Ann E.W. Harvey
Director of Administrative Services and Operations
Office of the Vice President for Finance
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

“I’ve very much enjoyed working directly with Longpoint on several projects regarding both administrative and faculty needs within our academic program. Longpoint has been extremely helpful in moving us forward on needed staffing and time management issues.”

Gail Steketee, PhD
Dean and Professor
Boston University School of Social Work

“In 2012, Wellesley College’s chief human resources officer suggested to me that the human resources office would benefit from a complete operational review. We hired Longpoint Consulting to help us develop an approach and then to survey and interview our various constituencies. Longpoint developed an effective survey instrument that yielded nearly 600 responses and over a short period of time interviewed over fifty senior colleagues. Their thoughtful assessment of the responses and interview data and the development of a series of recommendations have been enormously helpful in setting new directions for the human resources department. Longpoint’s consultants are human resource professionals, good listeners, effective communicators, insightful analysts, and strategic visionaries.”

Andrew B. Evans
Formerly, Vice President for Finance and Treasurer
Wellesley College

“I am eager to refer Longpoint to my internal clients because of their professionalism, work ethic and the quality of their work.”

Mark Braun
Organizational Development Consultant
Boston University

“The Longpoint Executive Coaching experience has provided me with an open and confidential forum to express and form my ideas, thoughts and vision for my organization. It has allowed me to take a step back and dedicate time to think strategically about the organization as well as my own professional development. Working with Longpoint has been an extremely beneficial experience.”

Paula Vass
Vice President of Clinical Operations
Walden Behavioral Care

“I have had the opportunity to work with Longpoint on several successful projects. The success was due to Longpoint’s expertise as well as their collaborative approach in analyzing situations and making recommendations. They developed a partnership with us that created an environment that fostered cooperation and collaboration. Longpoint identifies the key issues and provides feasible and realistic solutions.”

Linda Martin
Associate Dean for Finance and Administration
College of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences: Sargent College
Boston University

“I worked with Mark Kelley of Longpoint as I faced the challenges presented by the struggling Financial Services Industry. The coaching experience, relationship and process were all incredible. I was instantly empowered rather than immobilized by the anxiety of the situation. Longpoint assisted me in developing a road map for my future.”

Richard D. McCarthy
Relationship Manager
Commercial Real Estate
U.S. Bank

“Mark and Judith make a great team. They have helped me to identify organizational strengths as a manager. They encouraged continued attention to those strengths while at the same time tactfully suggesting opportunities for improvement. Their focus on lasting improvement was a highlight for me.”

Mike Lynch
Formerly, Assistant VP and Director of Athletics
Boston University

“Among Mark’s strengths is his penetrating clarity – the ability to get to the heart of an issue and the ability to articulate what the key issues are. Additionally, he has tremendous focus on moving forward, establishing a process and sticking to it.”

Lee Swislow
Formerly, Executive Director, GLAD

“Longpoint guided me through developing and expanding my options. They helped me see my next steps so clearly.”

Richard Becker
Director – Asset Management,
Massachusetts Housing Investment Corporation