Corporate/Non-Profit Consulting

Longpoint’s corporate and non-profit experience has focused on organizations experiencing growth and expansion seeking assistance in managing the challenges and complexities that they faced as a result. Our clients have included companies and organizations representing the fields of health care, health care financing, student health insurance, development/philanthropy and the Arts.

The following provides highlights of some of Longpoint’s recent engagements with our corporate/non-profit clients in the Boston area. Visit our “Clients” page for a listing of some of our corporate/non-profit clients.

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A growing organization needed a leader to build HR functionality from the ground-up while providing strategic guidance to support future expansion. Longpoint established a full-service HR department: responsible for talent management, employee communication, employment law/compliance activities, training & and development, performance measurement, diversity & and inclusion, employee relations and compensation/benefits administration. The department’s "employee-focused" approach resulted in significantly improved employee satisfaction and retention rates.
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Even organizations experiencing great success frequently face new and different challenges. A small non-profit trying to balance competing organizational priorities with growth opportunities engaged Longpoint to conduct an employee climate assessment. The insight gained from the assessment initially gave the leaders a better understanding of strategic organizational needs and clarified priorities. They were then able to focus on tactical matters such as the updating of position descriptions, compensation structure and employee policies and procedures to better align with their organizational goals.
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A mid-sized non-profit had successfully served its constituents for over a decade. In preparation for an upcoming board retreat, Longpoint surveyed constituents and board members regarding their satisfaction with programs and services offered. The results highlighted that current services were less valued than in the past and that there was an unmet need for additional services and programs beneficial insight for board consideration.
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Longpoint has assisted numerous corporate and non-profit clients to step back and look at their organizational structure with an eye toward client satisfaction and operational efficiency. The way an organization is structured is as important as the technology and processes it utilizes in product/service delivery. Does your organizational structure make sense? Does it promote efficiency and customer satisfaction? Not sure? Perhaps Longpoint can help.
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